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An MND diagnosis is as life-changing as it gets. What do you do? Who will help? What’s next? There are endless questions. 

Please take a few minutes to read about Greg's story and please give generously to our 2022 Tax Appeal.

If you are in a position to contribute, your gift can provide much-needed support for South Australians living with MND, just like Greg.

A gift of $27 could provide a newly diagnosed person with an initial care pack. An $84 gift can fund a care alert system for 6 months. $260 can help preserve the voice of a person with MND so they can communicate when they can no longer speak. A gift of up to $2,350 can help fund MNDSA to assist one person to access the NDIS. Or your gift may be bundled with others to purchase an electronic powered wheelchair for $18,000 or other major equipment items.

Click the donate now button to help people living with MND.


Greg's Story

Since Greg's diagnosis with MND in December 2015 both him and his wife Jean have been intent on helping support others and raising awareness of the work of MND South Australia.  They have been determined to help raise funds to ensure people like Greg can receive adequate care, support, and vital assistive equipment so they can live as well as possible for as long as possible.

MND is terminal, there is no remission and the average time from diagnosis to death is only 27 months. 

Greg is a family man with three children: Matthew, Kate and Nathan and his wonderful wife Jean by his side. He comments that over the years MNDSA “have become a close family to us and the help that we have received from MNDSA has been amazing.”

"The biggest challenge ...has been ..accepting the fact that I am grieving for what we have lost, they are still with you but you have lost what you had" says Jean

Greg has MND. He was diagnosed in December 2015. And after more than seven years since hearing her husband has the terminal disease, her feelings remain the same. Jean is still shocked at the severity of the disease as she didn’t realise how bad it was. That will never go away!

Greg and Jean turned to MNDSA to help provide the best possible care and support, and we rely on your generosity.

Please dig deep so that those who hear the fateful words “You have motor neurone disease” can have the best quality of life while living with MND, because until there’s a cure... there’s care.

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