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Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Tips
Top tips

Adopt a positive mindset! MND is a serious condition and it’s OK to share that part of the story, but when we focus on how working together brings hope, it makes people feel their contribution will make a meaningful difference.

Share your story. If you have a personal connection to MND and are happy to share it, do. When people understand why walking matters to you, they will give more and might even ask to walk too.

Share how their donation will help. You can download our 'Where the money goes’ factsheet to help people understand what their support means in a tangible way.

Just ask! Whether you want a prize, a venue, or cash donated, don’t be shy, speak up. Many people are happy to have an opportunity to help. Unless you ask, the answer by default, is always ‘no’.

How to raise funds without hosting an event

You can raise $680 in a week in these 6 simple steps.

  • Get the ball rolling by donating $40 to yourself.
  • Ask your bestie to match your donation.
  • Ask 3 of your relatives to donate $40 each.
  • Ask two businesses you frequent to donate $50 each.
  • Offer to mow a neighbour’s lawn or walk their dog for $40.
  • Ask your boss to match your fundraising.

There are some other easy fundraising ideas.

  • Ask for a donation instead of gifts for an upcoming birthday, event or Mother’s Day.
  • Ask businesses to donate prizes and put together a raffle to sell at work.
  • Send an email to your colleagues and connections asking people to donate.
  • Ask people to sponsor you on social media. Do this more than once as people get busy.
  • Ask people who attend the same club, gym or groups you belong to for a donation.
  • Hold an ice-bucket challenge before the walk to give your fundraising an extra push.
Tips on hosting a fundraising event

If you do decide to plan an event, here are some things to keep in mind.

Keep it simple. Your fundraiser doesn’t have to be complicated or clever to be a success. Focus on a realistic project that you can manage and enjoy and that your audience will support.

Don’t let your costs creep. Give yourself a fundraising target and stick to your budget. Some people can get carried away and spend more than they raise!

Spread the word. Tell everyone you know what you’re doing and ask them to tell everyone they know. Use your social networks and contact local businesses and work connections for support. Anyone can donate and good words travels fast!

Maximise your funds! Lots of employers run dollar-matching schemes where they’ll match the total amount you’ve raised.  It not, ask if they can donate in any other way.

Online fundraising. You may create your own Walk to D’Feet MND online fundraising page when you register for the walk where you can collect donations from anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Tax deductions. Tell your supporters that donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

Say thanks. Fundraising is a community effort. Be sure to thank everyone who’s helped with your fundraising, whether their donation was time, money, goods or support and advice – it all counts!

17 March 2022
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